Oct 6 – 7, 2018 Puppets Making Workshop:

Stop-Motion Animation, Foam & Latex Puppet Building Workshop with Ctrl+ART+Dlt, London, UK, 2018 – I’ve found this 2days workshop via . and special thanks for Jennifer Kidd who is a Specialist Stopmotion Puppets and Model Maker.

It was a short workshop but it was really fun, enjoyed learning a new technique for me to do Stopmotion Puppets.

 Ideas Corner, tell me what is in your mind,

Published by N2oons

Naema Althani, artist From UAE, Recently! She​ Earned her Master Degree Fine Art in 3D Animation and Visual Effects from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. From the background of teaching Visual Arts for six years passing by all grades from Kindergarten to the ninth grade. She had the chance to get inspired by her student's art works, and the stories behind them. On the other hand, Her inspiration came from short animation films she used to watch since she was a kid. Currently, she is working as a Curriculum Specialist in the Ministry of Education in Dubai, UAE.

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